In the sun-drenched city of Mafate, Sheïd, a former legionary now mostly surviving off smuggling, is offered a mission too tempting to decline. However, as the abduction of his target — an old archeologist — suddenly takes a turn for the worse, Sheïd’s troubles increase dramatically as he inadvertently crossed the wrong kind of greed-driven elite whose relentless exploitation of a very ancient form of magic could threaten the world itself.

Les Forêts d'Opale

Opale is the land of the woods. It is in the hands of The Light Clergy for they possess the powerful Magical Stones. But Darko is the one that must fulfill the Prophecy and bring back the Titans, to free the Five Realms… With the help of Urfold the bard, Sleilo the pretty juggler and the monstrous Ghörg, Darko begins an adventure where no less than the fate of a world is at stake… A lively epic, fantasy at its finest!

Les Guerriers

Five centuries ago, mankind ruled over the largest and most powerful empire. Yet today, they are parked in reserves, hunted for pleasure or hatred, enslaved. Henceforth the last heirs of the ancient lords of Kelhîn have been doing their best to survive… But a man, a warrior decides to fight for the dignity and former glory of his own kind. Talian scours the hostile territories of Kelhîn along with companions Min-Draï and Xures in the hopes of finding a suitable land for his fellow countrymen which would allow them to build a new nation. A heroic fantasy saga of blood and violence.