Couverture de l'album Le bracelet de Cohars, tome 1 de la série Les Forêts d'Opale


Christophe Arleston


Philippe Pellet


Sylvie Bonino (first edition), Christian Goussale




Published: January 2000 · Pages: 46 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782845658295

Opale is the land of the woods. It is in the hands of The Light Clergy for they possess the powerful Magical Stones. But Darko is the one that must fulfill the Prophecy and bring back the Titans, to free the Five Realms…
With the help of Urfold the bard, Sleilo the pretty juggler and the monstrous Ghörg, Darko begins an adventure where no less than the fate of a world is at stake… A lively epic, pure fantasy!