Couverture de l'album Les dents de pierre, tome 7 de la série Les Forêts d'Opale


Christophe Arleston


Philippe Pellet


Christian Goussale




Published: December 2011 · Pages: 48 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782302018709

At last, Darko has completed his training, and the time came to leave behind Onze Racines (‘Eleven Roots’), Master Og, and resume the quest for the lost Titans. Our hero is yet unaware that pontiff Xarchias is no more, and that an even greater threat lies ahead. It is more critical than ever that the Titans should return to Opale. Following their path, Darko, Urfold, Sleilo and Tara find themselves facing the Dorsale, the world-cutting mountain range that touches the sky. Eventually they find signs of Cohars, Darko’s ancestor…