Couverture de l'album Un flot de lumière, tome 9 de la série Les Forêts d'Opale


Christophe Arleston


Philippe Pellet


Sébastien Lamirand




Published: December 2015 · Pages: 48 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782302048577

Demon flocks are escaping out of Light Haven by hundreds, turning up at every corner of the Five Realms. Even the all-powerful sorcerer Kamphre cannot manage the constant stream. Darko, Tara, Urfold and Sleilo decide to train the forest people to fight back, but only by closing the door to the demonic world is the threat ever going away. Darko prepares for the trip to Light Haven, unknowing that Kamphre is presently invoking the most powerful demons from the lower circles…

End of the first cycle of Opale. The following volumes (as the numerotation goes on normally) feature a different set of characters and a new timeline. They are not drawn by Phillipe Pellet.