Couverture de l'édition luxe en noir & blanc de l'album Le piège de Mafate, tome 1 de la série Sheïd


Philippe Pellet


Philippe Pellet




Published: October 2020 · Pages: 56 · Format: 255 x 357 mm · ISBN: 978-2-4907-3537-2

In the sun-drenched city of Mafate, Sheïd, a former legionary now mostly surviving off smuggling, is offered a mission too tempting to decline. However, as the abduction of his target — an old archeologist — suddenly takes a turn for the worse, Sheïd’s troubles increase dramatically as he inadvertently crossed the wrong kind of greed-driven elite whose relentless exploitation of a very ancient form of magic could threaten the world itself. This luxury black and white edition includes an exclusive illustration as well as a sketchbook. Limited print of 1400 books, numeroted.