Couverture de l'album "La Forteresse de Cormandel", tome 1 de la série Les Guerriers


Dominique Latil


Philippe Pellet


Jean-Jacques Chagnaud




Collection: Soleil de nuit · Published: November 1996 · Pages: 46 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782877645621

Five centuries ago saw the downfall of the largest and most powerful human empire of Kelhîn, in the aftermath of the Talion War. Mankind has since been hunted and exterminated. Only a few human clans are surviving yet their numbers are collapsing ; the race is on the brink of extinction. Supported by their knowledge of steel, a craft many thought lost forever, TALIAN, a disciple of the ancestral art of combat, and his companions set up to travel Kelhîn, a dangerous land afire with war and a threat to all kingdoms. Upon their success depends the survival of the human race…

The royal keuta reserve is Kelhîn’s main human clan. But the race is dying, there hasn’t been any births in years. The best warrior is the tribe, TALIAN, is desperate to help his kind to survive. An exiled vik lord in search of a guide might be the one occasion he seeks: in exchange for a safepass through the many traps of an abandoned stronghold, vestige of the former power of Mankind, on the hunt for an old treasure, the vik has promised him a fertile female human. However, the daunting Cormandel Fortress proves less deserted than it appeared at first glance and a relentless hunter sets on TALIAN’s tracks.