Couverture du coffret des tomes 4 à 6 de la série Les Guerriers


Dominique Latil


Philippe Pellet, Tierr


Sylvie Bonino, Patricia Faucon




Collection: La Preuve Par Trois · Published: September 2004 · Pages: 138 · Format: 235 x 324 mm · ISBN: 9782845653818

The Talion War led to the fall of the human empire, the largest and most powerful in the history of Kelhîn. Mankind was hunted and exterminated. Five centuries later there remains a handful of human clans parked in reserves, tracked by slave hunters. But Talian, a warrior whose skills in the ancestral art of combat are long gone amongst his kind, cannot bring himself to let his people die. With his companions, such as Min-Draï, a formidable abitie warrior lady, and Xures, a Tekuit of magical powers, he scours the hostile territories of Kelhîn, in the hope of gathering all the remaining humans and build anew a sovereign nation.