Couverture du coffret des tomes 1 à 3 de la série Les Guerriers


Dominique Latil


Philippe Pellet


Jean-Jacques Chagnaud, Patricia Faucon, Sylvie Bonino




Collection: La Preuve Par Trois · Published: November 1999 · Pages: 134 · Format: 235 x 324 mm · ISBN: 9782877649582

Five centuries ago, mankind ruled over the largest and most powerful empire. Yet today, they are parked in reserves, hunted for pleasure or hatred, enslaved. The last of the ancient masters of Kelhîn are reduced to survival, but their number decreases by the day. Hence Talian, a warrior whose skills in the ancestral art of combat are long gone amongst his kind, embarks on a perillous quest for the survival of his race. With the aid of Giliba, a simple-minded giant, Min-Draï, a warrior lady with a thirst for revenge, and Xures, a castaway Tekuit, Talian scours the hostile territories of Kelhîn seeking nothing less than Hope…

A heroic fantasy saga of blood and violence.