Couverture de l'album Le cœur de Ten-Rau, tome 2 de la série Les Guerriers


Dominique Latil


Philippe Pellet


Patricia Faucon




Collection: Soleil de nuit · Published: June 1997 · Pages: 46 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782877645874

As his quest progresses, Talian needs rally Khanô and his army on their march towards the abiti kingdom. They must cross obr territories whose passage is earned through a fight in the pit, and defeat abiti warriors resolute to defend their country to the bone. With the old power of human steel, viks make the most out of Talian’s warrior skills leaving nothing but a trail of blood after them. But at the end of this slaughter lies the palace of king Ten-Rau, where Talian might well fall into a fatal trap set by his ennemies…