Couverture de l'album Le crépuscule des hommes, tome 4 de la série Les Guerriers


Dominique Latil


Philippe Pellet


Patricia Faucon, Sylvie Bonino




Published: September 1998 · Pages: 46 · Format: 234 x 323 mm · ISBN: 9782877647380

Talian is the last of the human warriors, and his quest for the salvation of mankind draws to a close. When he set sails on Gavajo island, he hopes to find there the fertile woman who could perpetuate his race, on the verge of extinction. But what he discovers doesn’t live up to his expectations, a savage folk, that have recessed to bestiality. Broken, disappointed, Talian and his companions then fall prey to an unknown, remarkably structured race, but ruthless and fearless. As they were about to be executed, Talian and his friends manage to escape. However they find themselves in the eye of a merciless war raging between the strange Odares and a secret human tribe that seems to follow the steps of a glorious past. Thrilled by the discovery, his dream of a future for mankind revived, Talian throws himself body and soul in this fight, for his race. His companions now have decisions to make about their own paths. But when such is one of war, death and treason lie ahead…

After this volume, which marks the end of a narrative arc, the story goes on in three more albums, henceforth drawn by Tierr.