Sheïd’s release

Hello, after many years in the making I present you — and the word barely convey my sentiment — with the first volume of my latest title, “Sheïd”. Published (in french) by Drakoo, a branch of Bamboo editions created for the fantastic genre and directed by Arleston.

After I made the decision to withdraw from drawing my serie Les Forêts d’Opale (also known as Die Opalwälder (de), Los bosques de Opalo (es), De wouden van Opaal (nl) and Lasy Opalu (pl), and which has since been continued by other comic artists), I gave more thought to my long-standing desire to create my very own fantastical universe. While I had many ideas lingering around already, building this project afresh took me a lot more time than I had expected. However, once difficulties and doubts came and went, the first volume became a reality I still don’t quite fully grasp. It is with a mixture of joy and anxiety that I waited for the official launch, on november 4th, 2020.

However, french second lockdown and our goverment rulings effectively closing down non-essential businesses such as bookshops couldn’t have happened at a worse moment. At such a short notice, there was nothing we could do to delay the official release day as the book was already being distributed. Putting all similarly affected authors in a dire situation.

I know that the book is available at certain bookshops that were delivered on time and have set up click & collect, or on certain ecommerces such as Amazon.

As there is currently no predictable outcome regarding the reopening of certain businesses, I can only hope those of you that’ll succeed in coming across my book will enjoy it. To help with your purchase-making decisions, I’ve made a small videoclip of me browsing the book as you could have done in bookshops if not for the lockdown.

I’m about to share it on Facebook as well, where I plan to get more involved. See you soon!

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